Alex Deux

My balance of Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) energies offers you an experience you won't find anywhere else.
Indulge your senses with someone who brings the best of both worlds.

The Erotic Review BDSM/Fetish

I specialize in Sensual Massage, Elysium & Bondassage®, Femdom, and Fun (or Forced!) Feminization.

Men: you've always wondered, haven't you? What it would be like to spend time with someone like me?
Someone who knows everything there is to know about your body but who you can encounter in a way that's more familiar?

Women: imagine being treated to a sensual journey by someone who brings you the best of both worlds: who combines masculine and feminine energy in a way that keeps you feeling safe and comfortable?

We each have within us very powerful energies - energies that we can either embrace or avoid.

There is the Feminine side - associated with Night and Moon, energy that is more Passive and Yielding, that Nurtures and is more Intuitive. And there is the Masculine side - connected more with Day and the Sun, energy that is Active and Dominating, that Initiates and is more Logical. I bring all of these traits into balance and will create an environment that allows you to feel them coming together in yourself as well.

While you are in my care, you will be invited to let go of all of your preconceptions about who you are, about how you need to behave, about how you need to respond, and allow youself to be completely In The Moment.

Men: I will bring you to a place of total and complete surrender, where you can set aside all of your responsibilites and worries, where you can simply relax and enjoy the experience of submitting to my touch.

Women: close your eyes and abandon yourself to a world of sensation where there are no expectations, no need to be who others think you should be, where your pleasure is the sole purpose of our time together.

During our journey together, you will experience the light touch of feathers and fur, the feeling of my soft, strong fingers stroking, kneading, and massaging, and - if you choose - the exquisite heightening pleasure of paddles, floggers, and open-hand spanking.

I am committed to creating an experience that will completely engulf and enfold you, that allows you to let go of all your cares and concerns and spend time in a place from where you will return happier, stronger, and more in touch with yourself and your life than ever before. This is a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey and I am honored that you choose to allow me to be your guide.


Below is a list of the Experiences I offer.
As you review them, consider whether you would like to be attended to by Male or Female Alex. I promise you the same high-level of skill and complete dedication to your satisfaction.

All For You - Sensual Massage
1 Hr. $200.00 / 1.5 Hr. $250.00 / 2 Hr. $300.00
Let me take you away from your world of daily cares into a place of complete relaxation. Let me help you restore your calm and renew your energy by freeing the real You from the stress and anxiety the world can sometimes surround you with.
Quiet music and soft light create the background for our journey. Warm oil relaxes you while feathers and other textures play lightly over your body. I alternate soft touch, muscle massage, and gentle stretching to give you a complete relaxation experience.
Elysium - Restrained Sensual Massage
1 Hr. $200.00 / 1.5 Hr. $250.00 / 2 Hr. $300.00
Surrender yourself to a new experience - a combination of sensual massage and gentle bondage. Light ribbons hold you in place, allowing you to completely relax and let yourself go. Headphones play soft music to help you on the journey and a blindfold guarantees that nothing interferes withthe feelings you will experience.
When we are finished, you will find yourself totally engaged and awakened, with memories of a journey you will want to take again and again.
Bondassage® - Restrained Sensual Massage with a bit of kink
1 Hr. $250.00 / 1.5 Hr. $300.00 / 2 Hr. $350.00
One step further mention: add leather cuffs Surrender yourself to a new experience - a combination of sensual massage and light bondage. You will be gently restrained for the entire session, listening to music that will transport you to another world. A blindfold guarantees that nothing interferes with the feelings you will experience. When we are finished, you will find yourself totally engaged and awakened, with memories of a journey you will want to take again and again.
Double Goddess Fantasy
1 Hr. $250.00 / 1.5 Hr. $300.00 / 2 Hr. $350.00
Indulge in the blissful sensations of 4 sensual hands and 2 exquisite feminine bodies caressing you from head to toe as you melt into ecstasy.
Femdom Experience
1 Hr. $200.00 / 1.5 Hr. $250.00 / 2 Hr. $300.00
Many men (and women!) fantasize about surrendering completely to a partner - letting go of having to make all the decisions, to be the one in control, to be the one in charge. What would it be like to surrender that control to someone like me? To spend an hour or an afternoon with no worries or cares other than making me happy? To do your best to entertain, amuse, and serve me? To cater to my every whim?
Feminization / Fun or Forced
1 Hr. $200.00 / 1.5 Hr. $250.00 / 2 Hr. $300.00
Do you have fantasies of being feminized - dressed in stockings and a skirt - with full makeup and wig? Taught how to do that sexy walk and talk that make the boys turn and stare?
Feminization is a more common fantasy than you might imagine and it's an area in which I specialize. Under my instruction, you will be brought into a world of new and powerful sensations: the feeling of nylon stockings on your skin, the hem of a skirt rubbing against your legs, maybe a corset tight around your middle. Or, perhaps noticing how your leg muscles shift and change while you walk in high heel shoes?
How do those fantasies start? Are you seduced by a female neighbor who slowly leads you down the path towards being a girl? Maybe you did it once - just once - but someone took pictures? Or maybe you're seduced by your kinky roommate while the two of you are away at a business conference?
These fantasies can be powerful and it's rare to have an opportunity to explore them. In the safety of my play space, you can let go of your nervous hesitation and allow yourself to submit to my will...which is actually a reflection of your own fantasy.

NEW! Online Femdom Options
Several of you have asked if there is a way
to keep in touch with me when you are out of town or between visits.
To accommodate those needs, I now offer a Subscription service.
We can arrange for anything from a simple phone call
to my giving you weekly assignments -- complete with periodic checkins.
Your weekly assignments might include chastity, edgeplay,
shopping trips, or other ways of demonstrating your loyalty and obedience.
Priced depending on your Needs. And Wants.


If you're a subscriber, you already know what's in store for you,
so enter your PIN number below in the appropriate category.
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If you are not a subscriber, you're missing out on weekly assignment, regular check-ins, and the opportunity for chat and voice sessions between visits. Take a look at the Offerings section for more information.

All For You - Sensual Massage
1 Hr. $200.00 / 1.5 Hr. $250.00 / 2 Hr. $300.00


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